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We love fishing & helping those who fish

We’re excited to offer our friends and customers the best fishing gear and supplies at the best price possible so they can have blast while fishing. We wanna spread the fun of fishing.

We think everyone is born to be a fisher so our mission is to equip them and help them to be the best fisher they can be.

Why did we name it Dialed Baits?

Bass fishing is a tough sport, especially if you are new to it. All the different baits, rods, reels, line, and tackle choices can get pretty overwhelming. Our goal is to get your tackle Dialed in the first time in order to put more fish in the boat!

Our Team

Has over 75 years of combined fishing experience, so if your stumped on something I bet we can help.

Free Shipping over $50,

$7 flat rate on $50 or less and 100% satisfaction guarantee