Remington Martin

I start fishing when was 1 year old when my dad took me to a little farm pond and i caught my first bass. One day while crappie fishing I tied on a small crankbait, made a cast into a little pocket and caught a 4.5lb crappie.    

Recommended gear

Shimano Dc, Miller rods,Yum Dinger Watermelon Red,Whopper Ploppers,Zoom Baby Brush Hog Watermelon Red,3/8 Terminator Silver Shad Spinnerbait,Tungsten Bullet Weights All Sizes,4/0 Berkeley Fusion Offset Worm Hooks 

5.5 pounder on creature bait

Daylon Horton

"My best friend David Hejl got me into fishing,him and his dad taught me the basics of fishing, after that there wasn't a day gone by that i didn't fish, as i got older i started to research and watch videos about fishing,what to usn to throw a certain bait,what type of gear to use etc. Dialed Baits has helped me alot in my fishing experience,giving me tips,tricks and so much more!

Recommended gear

Tungsten Weights,Shimano reels,PFlueger President, Abu Garcia Black Max

Taylor Morgan